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Picture of H.R. van Adel

About the author

Greetings. I’m H.R. van Adel, an aspiring hermit who lives mostly in my own head. To my great annoyance, strangers often remark that I look depressed, confused, annoyed and/or tired. I’m not; that’s just how my face is. Although I will admit to having all kinds of hang-ups about which I tend to rant and rave quite a bit, so maybe something of my angst is reflected there after all? Dunno.

Anyway, in my free time, I enjoy swearing and playing computer games (often simultaneously). I also love specialty coffee. I’m currently on a single origin journey sampling different beans from all over the world!

I am working on the second book in The Thayria Cycle, but it’s playing second fiddle to a TV script about two down-and-out brothers who get a little bit carried away avenging the brutal rape of their sister.

I don’t do social media.

You can contact me at h.r.van.adel [at] startmail.com