Covenant of Blood


Book One of The Thayria Cycle

On Thayria, the brutal Sarasinian League dominates. Yet beneath its arrogant façade, decades of corruption, neglect and incompetence have left it weakened and vulnerable. Even as its subject peoples yearn for freedom, the League, preoccupied with violent expansion, shows astonishing complacency in the face of impending revolt.

Against a backdrop of relentless bloody battles, a provincial governor chooses a path that could change the course of history. A group of military cadets faces an increasingly dire future. And a jaded research assistant sets out to recover an object of immense power and dreadful consequence.

In the centre of this gathering storm stands an improbably long-lived and immensely powerful figure whose hatred of the League knows no bounds…

A tale of diverse peoples and places, Covenant of Blood is set in a world where innocence is dead, mercy is non-existent, and authority is wielded with an iron fist.

What is it?

Covenant of Blood is my attempt to make the kind of fantasy I’ve always wanted to read but haven’t always been able to find – passionate, dark and not pushing an agenda rooted in political correctness.

This work straddles the genres of fantasy and science-fiction, but it also spans a number of fantasy sub-genres. I describe it as a character/dialogue-driven low fantasy grimdark epic that strives to be gritty and realistic. I take pride in writing vivid and accurate depictions of weapons, armour and combat.

Readers who like military and mediaeval themes will hopefully enjoy Covenant of Blood. It’s unapologetically masculine, angry and pulls no punches in its depictions of humanity at its worst. It’s also moderately erotic and peppered with black humour.

This book is rated R 18+


           SL             Strong language

           SV             Strong violence          

           SLV          Seriously, lots of violence

           TCSS       Toe-curling sex scenes

           Y               Yumour